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Granite is a very durable material and occasional abuse will unlikely result in permanent damage. We encourage you to use and enjoy your new countertops. Please feel free to call us whenever you have a question or concern about the care of your granite countertops.

There are rare occasions when you may accidentally chip the granite. This can usually be fixed by applying a colorized epoxy that can be polished. This procedure can be done by one of our technicians.

Avoid placing extreme weight on the overhangs of your countertops. For example, climbing on an overhang to change a light bulb is strongly discouraged.

Granite is a substance that quickly absorbs heat and distributes it. If placing hot pans directly on the countertop, avoid coming in contact with the exposed area. We suggest keeping your trivets handy.


To keep your granite in tip-top condition, five simple maintenance procedures are necessary. For best results, they should be followed very closely.

  • Clean the countertop daily with a soft white cloth and a neutral cleaner (Clorox Green works well) or a neutral soap. These products are available at hardware or grocery stores and can be purchased in our office upon request.

  • If streaking occurs, buff the countertop with a clean white terry cloth towel.

  • Occasionally application of a good stone polish to the surface of the countertop will help prevent staining.

  • All granite countertops should be sealed. Sealing the countertop is the last step we complete during installation. Our impregnator will resist oil and other staining materials, but not for prolonged amounts of time. If spills occur, cleaning immediately after will help prevent staining. We recommend reapplication of impregnator every two years. This product is available through our office or we would be happy to reapply for you.

  • If the countertop becomes stained, immediately blot the spill with a clean paper towel. If the stain soaks into the granite then a poultice may need to be applied.