Envision the major trends of 2024 through the hands of our experts.

 Marcelo Araujo

Marcelo Araujo

The year 2024 promises to be a revolutionary milestone in the design landscape. In our pursuit of new trends, we are committed to presenting captivating inspirations that will shape spaces throughout this year. We want to be your guide on this journey, providing ideas and solutions, allowing each space in your home to be a complete authentic expression of modern elegance.

Get ready to explore design in a new way with Select Stone. We are excited to inspire and collaborate with you in creating environments that not only follow but define the trends of the year. Join us on this journey, where every detail matters to ensure that your vision becomes a reality.

1. The natural elegance of stones – authenticity and timeless luxury

This year, we have witnessed a resurgence of appreciation for authenticity and the inherent beauty of natural stones. Marbles and granites are more in vogue than ever, providing not only durability but also a touch of luxury.

In addition to their impeccable aesthetics, these natural stones offer unparalleled versatility. They can be incorporated in various ways, from elegant wall coverings to stylish kitchen countertops, adding a touch of refinement to any space. Therefore, by opting for marbles and granites this year, you are not just following a design trend but making a conscious choice for quality, enduring beauty, and unmatched authenticity.

>>> 2024 is the year in which natural stones reclaim their prominent place, offering a perfect synthesis between nature and timeless elegance.

2. Textured finishes – a sensory touch to aesthetics

Texture plays a crucial role in interior design, and in 2024, textured finishes are gaining prominence. Surfaces that not only please the eyes but also invite touch, such as leather, velvet, and, of course, natural stones with elaborate finishes, are good choices.

In this context, Select Stone takes a leading role by offering a wide range of textured options that go beyond the simple visual aspect. We understand that interior design goes far beyond superficial aesthetics, aiming to create a complete sensory experience for our clients.

>> By choosing these materials, we are not just selecting products; we are constructing environments that appeal to the sense of touch and evoke a connection with the space.

Discover our textured finish: https://selectstonecorp.com/leather/ 

3. Highlight for Quartzite and Quartz – Discover the stones of the future

This year marks the peak of recognition for quartzite and quartz, acclaimed for their exceptional resistance and unique beauty, contributing to their growing prestige among designers and architects worldwide. The notable characteristics of these materials go beyond mere aesthetics, granting them a privileged position in the palette of choices for contemporary projects.

The high resistance to stains and unparalleled durability not only ensure the preservation of their original beauty over time but also establish these stones as intelligent and refined choices for a variety of applications.

>> From exquisite countertops to coverings that exude sophistication, both quartzite and quartz prove to be ideal for projects that demand beauty and remarkable longevity.

Learn about the characteristics of quartzite: https://selectstonecorp.com/quartzite/

2024 – Space transformations with distinction and quality

With a commitment to quality, aesthetics, and innovation, natural stones embody the essence of excellence in design. Our passion for refined details and the relentless pursuit of perfection are reflected in each piece that makes up our selection. Every stone tells a unique story, where tradition meets modernity, creating a visual impact that transcends the ordinary.

Our team is ready to collaborate with you in bringing this vision to life. Bring your design vision to life. Request a quote from one of our specialists and discover how we can turn your ideas into reality, providing an exceptional aesthetic experience with quality and beauty.



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